Delegated Farming

Delegated Farming Burning Mechanism

  • Earned yields from the delegated farming will be used for a.BEE buyback&burn, NFT Jelly, Royal Jelly and Honey Pot.

Why delegated farming?

As Avalanche HoneyBee is contributing to the liquidity pools of TraderJoe, these tokens are more than just a way to farm a.BEE. We'd like to play the long HoneyBee and make a benefit for users from these LP tokens in an optimal way.
When a wallet deposits an LP token into a farm, the HoneyFarm Smart Contract will then delegate these tokens to its farms on TraderJoe. When the wallet withdraws the LP tokens out of the farm, the LP tokens will be withdrawn by the contract out of TraderJoe as well. The wallet will still earn sweet a.BEE as a reward, but the contract will also earn yields from 3rd party pools. These harvested tokens will then be used to buy and burn a.BEE tokens to increase the value and stability of a.BEE.