HoneyFarm Layer 2 - HoneyBear

A new type of layered delegated yield farming project with deflationary tokenomics

HoneyBear is 2nd layer of HoneyFarm Finance

Core Team

In terms of investing in a DeFi project, the most important thing is not to be rug-pulled. Through the fact that the core team of HoneyFarm is from the team which launched and operated SatisFinance and LazyMint, we can assure the investors that HoneyFarm is Rug-Proof! Through HoneyFarm Layer1, HONEY, we've shown the users another success story which has given us more credibility.


HoneyFarm Finance is a layered delegated yield farming project with deflationary tokenomics of a maximum supply. Layer 1's native token, HONEY, will stop emission at End Block: 10033450 and Layer 2's native token, BEAR, will start its emission soon at Block 10023280. HONEY will be used to farm BEAR, the cool thing is that HONEY holders can farm BEAR one day before the official start of Layer 2 through Royal Jelly. Among the aspects of DeFi investment, the best one is 'not to be rugged'. In terms of HoneyFarm, there should be no one who's worrying about it. Then, back to the basic, the origin goal of 'investment' is to 'make profit'. And HoneyFarm(Layer 1) has shown it clearly. For Layer 2, HoneyFarm team added some new features like Royal Jelly and WorkingBee. We're also discussing with several other promising partners to create larger chain of eco-system. The team will try to operate Layer 2 better and greater!


  • GreedyBear (Deposit fee): 3% Deposit Fee (0% for $HONEY & $BEAR related pools) will be used for burns, advertising and dev fee
  • Angry Bear (Withdraw Fee): 3~0% Withdraw Fee(0% for $HONEY & $BEAR related pools) will be charged to encourage longer farming
  • Layered farming: Ensures continuous profits for native token holders
  • Honey Keeper Protocol: Fixed-price random buy-back program to incentivize holders
  • Royal Jelly: Deposit HONEY and BEAR, get some Royal Jellies!
  • WorkingBee: Auto-compounding vaults for native token farms
BEAR token emission will be finished at block 10628080 Remember that there will be no yield reward for deposits after the end block above.
Last modified 2yr ago