🛡️ Honey Keeper Protocol - BEAR


Honey Keeper Protocol, A.K.A. HKP 🍯, is HoneyFarm’s unique Buy-Back mechanism to incentivize holders with better advantage as well as to deflate BEAR circulation effectively.


Epoch Duration: 12 hours Apply Fee: 0.2 BEAR Lock-up: 2 Epochs (12~24 hours) ✅ EX) An applicant during epoch 1 will be locked until the end of epoch 2.

Buy-back Reward Explained

After lock-up period passes, each applicants (wallets) will be randomly selected and applied amount will be bought back. Random selection counts on each application. (one wallet with 10 applies has 10 odds to be selected)

In case the selected wallet applied less than current buy-back amount, the smart-contract draws another raffle and select another wallet to buy-back. It happens until the current epoch’s buy-back amount drains.

In case the selected wallet applied more than current buy-back amount, only current amount will be bought back and the rest BEAR will be returned to the participant.

To Participate

  • Apply the amount of BEAR you want to stake for Buy-Back.

    • Apply at least 0.21 BEAR or more considering the "Apply Fee"

  • In case you win, you can see BUSD amount on ‘Rewarded’ section. You can withdraw anytime and enjoy high ROI on BEAR.

  • In case you miss the chance, you can ‘Re-apply’ or ‘Withdraw’ your BEAR

  • Re-apply also needs apply fee of 0.2 BEAR.

  • You can apply with additional BEAR repeatedly even before 2 epochs pass.

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