🗺️ Roadmap

Expanding Sweetness of HoneyFarm
HoneyFarm team has a transparent and clear roadmap of marketing and operation. This roadmap will help with DYOR on HoneyFarm. Expanding Sweetness of HoneyFarm is our first priority.


  • Paid banner ads and promotion on Ape O'Clock
  • Paid banner ads on [Requested]
    • Review by RugDoc
  • Paid banner ads on Poocoin [Requested]
  • Promoted List on [Requested]
  • Promotion on BSCDaily [Requested]


HoneyFarm Operation

  • Landing Page Launch (Countdown Start)
  • Audit
  • Meme Contest
  • Website Launch
  • Initial liquidity supply to Honey-BNB and Honey-BUSD pools
  • HONEY Contract Announcement
  • Farming start at block #9601450
  • Honey Keeper Protocol Launch
  • Advertising and Promotion [On-Going]
  • Partnership [Beefy Finance] [Corini] [Fletachain] [More to come]
  • Teaser of sweet Layer 2 farm features
  • Layer 2 Farm Launching just prior to 24,650 tokens being minted with Honey pools and Farms
* Roadmap is subject to change according to situation