Token Info

HONEY token emission will be finished at block 10033450 Be aware that there will be no reward for deposit after that.

Transfer Tax

Transfer Tax has been deleted! Now you can transfer HONEY with NO COST
Allocated transfer tax will be all burnt! Isn't that SWEET? Check details here
  • Burn Rate: 3% 0% of transfer tax will be burned immediately
  • Total Transfer Tax Rate: 3% 0%
*Transfer tax applies to every activity that involves transferring a token from one address to another

Emission rate

  • 0.05 HONEY / block
  • 9.09% dev fee for project growth and cooperations
9.09% HONEY commission from emission will be used exclusively for marketing and future partnerships with other farms and vaults, which would positively affect the price of the HONEY token.
*Minimum 3% slippage is required to trade the token on Pancakeswap due to the transfer tax

Deposit Fee

When users deposit on HoneyFarm, 4% 1% deposit fee will be charged. Remember! $HONEY-related farms and pool do not charge deposit fee!
  • ALL Deposit Fee will be used for buyback/burn and HKP
  • 100% of deposit fee will be used for buybacks on new pools