HoneyFarm is going to host Pre-IHO for Moon token before the start of HoneyMoon. Simply, commit HONEY-BNB or BEAR-BNB LP to get the new MOON token.

Pre-IHO Start

Information (※ Read carefully)

Block: #10593600
✅ Pre-IHO Duration: 2 hours (Sep 3rd, 13:00 ~ 15:00 UTC) ✅ Pre-IHO Price: $300 worth BEAR-BNB or HONEY-BNB LP / MOON ✅ Pre-IHO Amount: 5,000 MOON ($1,500,000 worth) ✅ HONEY-BNB / BEAR-BNB LP Worth - LP Worth snapshot will be taken randomly during Sep 3rd, 12:00 ~ 13:00 UTC - Distribution ratio between HONEY-BNB and BEAR-BNB will be also decided based on the snapshot by the market cap shown on PooCoin. (HONEY market cap / BEAR market cap)

Pre-IHO End + MOON Claim Button Activate

Block: #10596000
Procedure 1) Prepare HONEY-BNB or BEAR-BNB LP 2) Commit your LP to IHO 3) After the IHO ends, claim MOON and the remaining LP you committed
How will LP be used? - 100% of collected HONEY & BEAR will be burnt! - 20% of BNB will be used for initial MOON-BNB liquidity supply - 80% of BNB will be used for Royal Jelly Pools (total amount will be used at once right after the claim time of pre-IHO)


Why Pre-IHO?

On layer 1 & 2, we’ve gone through a tough battle with bots that were trying to take unfair profit over innocent buyers. HoneyFarm team wanted to give equal and fair opportunity to the users, especially HONEY and BEAR holders.
We believe we can achieve it through Pre-IHO. All users who participate in the Pre-IHO will get MOON token at the same price and will enjoy sweet Royal Jelly pools with juicy APR!