Eclipse (Withdrawal Fee)

HoneyMoon shades behind the short-term farmers!
When users withdraw staked funds from HoneyMoon, 0% ~ 3% of withdrawal fee will be charged. Remember! $MOON & $BEAR & $HONEY-related farms and pools do not charge withdrawal fee!
Withdraw Timing
(Withdrawal Fee)
Before 1 day (Within 24hrs, ~28800 Blocks)
1 day to 2 days (Within 48hrs, ~57600 Blocks)
2 days to 3 days (Within 72hrs, ~86400 Blocks)
after 3 days (After 72hrs, 86400 Blocks~)
After Layer 4 deposit starts
All OFF (0%)
The fee system is designed to disincentivize short-term farming and selling pressure but still be fairly reasonable for those who wish to yield farm for short time.
  • 40% 100% of withdrawal fee will be used for buy-backs, Royal Jelly, marketing and partnerships.
  • 60% will be used for advertising, partnerships, infrastructure and dev fee.
Withdrawal fee from HoneyMoon is calculated based on the block of your previous deposit. They are based on the block of your last deposit.
Withdrawal fees will be off when Layer 4 deposit starts