NFT Jelly


What is NFT Jelly?

NFT Jelly is to give benefits to the holders of MOON, HONEY, BEAR in a form of NFT. Hot NFTs will be awarded to the users who participated to NFT Jelly pool.
  • Users deposit MOON/HONEY/BEAR in a certain NFT Jelly pool for a certain period
    • Deposit token and period will vary pool by pool. It will be announced in advance
  • At the end of the pool, a winner will be drawn by a smart contract using Chainlink's VRF (Verifiable Random Function)
    • It should be fairer and reduce malicious behavior when VRF is used
  • An NFT will be awarded after the winner verifies the wallet address to HoneyFarm team
    • Winner must post it on own SNS (Twitter, Medium, Reddit or so)

Minimum Deposit & Fee Structure

All fees will be burned for the eco-system
  • Minimum deposit: 1 MOON / HONEY / BEAR
  • Fairness Deposit Fee: 0.1 MOON / HONEY / BEAR
  • Fairness Withdrawal Fee: 3% until the end of a NFT Jelly pool (0% after the end of emission)
All fees are for the fairness of participants and to prevent abusers from taking unfair advantage.

How To Participate

① Stake MOON, HONEY or BEAR ② Earn NFT Jelly tokens - NFT Jelly tokens will be used only as tickets to select a random winner - A token from a NFT Jelly pool will not be used on the other NFT Jelly pools ③ Winning odds will be same as number of NFT Jelly tokens - There will be 100 NFT Jelly tokens per pool - If a user received 10 NFT Jelly tokens, that user has 10% chance of winning a NFT
NFT Jelly tokens are not harvestable but only displayed on the pool info

How To Select Winner

  • Random selection: Winner will be selected randomly by smart contract using Chainlink's VRF (Verifiable Random Function)